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E-Learning at Home Effectively

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Learning is an art, a skill which is to be inculcated in students with the right approach , right technology & right mindset. We at the guidance academy are dedicated to make learning fun , intuitive & as easy as possible for all students.

Online education is bliss for those students who do have access to the right technology, there is evidence that learning online can be more effective in a number of ways. Many research shows that on average, students retain 35% -60% more material when learning online as compared to only 8-10% in a classroom. This is mainly because the students can learn faster online; E-learning allows students to read whenever they want, going back and forth, skipping and accelerating selected concepts and topics as per their will, reducing study time by 40-60% compared to traditional classroom type environments.

However, the impact & effectiveness of online reading depends on the age group.

The general consensus about children, especially young children, is that they need a secure environment because they are distracted. To make the most use of online education, collaborative efforts are required in this system.